Saturday, April 21, 2018

Designer Of The Month at IOSF

All The PUP's Kits are now Marked Down To Just 
$1.00 - $1.00 - $1.00 
The PUP Is Designer Of The Month
For April
So The PUP will have plenty going on in my Store Here at
This Month

The PUP Is 
Designer Of The Month Here at IOSF

For April So I will have plenty going on in my Store Here at 
Inspiration Of Scrap Friends This Month 

Proud Designer for Twilight Scraps

All The PUP's Kits are now Marked Down To Just 
$1.00 - $1.00 - $1.00 
till the end of the month. Also there are 
Three FREE Kits Hidden in my 
Store just for you to go and find. Just Like a Mini Treasure Hunt
So have fun. And The PUP thanks you all for your support with my work.
Happy Scrapping

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The PUP's April Sale at Daelman,s Designs Store

Come and check Out The PUP's $2.00 Sale 
At My Daelman's Designs Store. 
The PUP has some awesome kits for you to play with.
There is always something for everyone from Tootypup Scraps
My Store is Here at 

Proud Designer for DaelmansDesign

Love to see you in store. 
Happy Scrapping to all my friends from The PUP

Monday, April 16, 2018

New In Stores Now "Stairway To Heaven" Commercial Use Collection

Stairway To Heaven Collection CU FS
This Collection is Gorgeous and soft of mood
"Stairway To Heaven". All the Elements are full size 300 dpi. The colors are of soft
Purples and Blues, with the Hues blending so well together.
There are 30+ Gorgeous Elements for you to work with for Commercial and Personal Use. You will love them as much as much as The PUP
did putting them together. There is also 10 Papers and 5 Backgrounds
Which are all full size 300 dpi. The colors and soft hues set the moment in time of this Collection. I hope you love it as much as I do. There is also 5 Quick Page Layouts for you to play with as well.
Thank you for stopping in and taking a look around The PUP's Store.
Stairway To Heaven Elements CU FS. Stairway To Heaven Papers and Backgrounds CU FS Stairway To Heaven Quick Page Layouts CU FS
These kits are sold separately in all The PUP's Store. So come and take a look around. Happy Scrapping from The PUP

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Flash Sale At Scrap And Tubes


*** $1.00 Flash SaLE ***

Designer for Scraps and Tubes

Please come and check out all our other designers and what
They have on offer for the Flash Sale.
There is something for everyone.
So don't MISS OUT














Tuesday, April 3, 2018

New CU Kit In Store Now

Well here is another Easter Kit. 
I know I am a bit late with it. I did try to get it finished in time
 before the end of Easter. But just didn't quite make it in time........LOL...... 
"Easter Egg Hunt" CU Full Size, 
is a beautiful fun Easter kit of which you can use for 
Commercial Use and Personal Use. 
There's 35 elements all Full Size 300 dpi. and One Paper. 
The PUP has used my own artwork and 3rd party artwork by 
Pink Doll Bubbles and Angelica S. 
This kit has the tones of Autumn, as in Australia, Easter is in our Autumn. 
Ok have fun and please enjoy.

This Kit is Available in all The PUP's Stores.
Comes in Full Size ONLY

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Tootypup Scraps - DOTM at Inspiration Of Scrap Friends

The PUP Is Designer Of The Month
For April
So The PUP will have plenty going on in my Store Here at
This Month

All The PUP's Kits are marked down to 70% off for now.
This will change as the month of April goes on. So you might 
have to check in every so often.
Also there will be a couple of Freebies in my Store as well.
You will have to look for them though. Like a Treasure Hunt.
So have fun.
I have some new kits in work now that will be ready for release 
in the next few days. Hope you will like what I am putting 
 together for you to play with. 

Friday, March 30, 2018

The PUP has Great Easter Sales at Scrap And Tubes

The PUP's Easter Sales Are HERE
All The PUP's Kits Are Set to 60% off over the Easter Holiday.
And The PUP could take more off the prices of my kits
In the next couple of Days as Well.
You will just have to keep checking and and taking a look...LOL
The PUP's Store is

And Please take some time to checkout all our other Designers 
In Our Great Store as well.
There is something for everyone

Wishing You all a Happy And Safe Holiday Weekend.

Happy Scrapping and Most of all
Have Fun

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

New Tags From Patricia Designs

New CT Tags for  PUP's with kit " Little Miss Easter  " by Susan
All I could say when Patricia sent me these new TAGS was WOW.
Thank you so much for showing off The PUP's Kit so Beautifully.
Please come and take a LOOK at Patricia's Blog HERE

Here is the full Personal Use kit Little Miss Easter. 
There are 65+ gorgeous element all full size for you to work with. 
The colors and soft hues match the full collection beautifully. 
You will have so much fun with your scrapping and Tagging. 
Have fun and Enjoy.

You can purchase here:

Sunday, March 25, 2018

New Easter Tag from Rosi

This Gorgeous Tag is from Bidergalerie Von Rosi
Using The PUP's Easter Kit 
"Spring Time Easter. 
You can get this kit in most of The PUP's Stores.
Please come and take a look at Rosi's Beautiful Blog HERE

Thanks for stopping into the PUP's Blog
Have a great day and most of all Happy Scrapping.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

New Tag for The PUP from Hanny

This Gorgeous new Tag is from 
Hanny used The PUP's Kit
"Easter Play Two"
This kit comes in both Tagger and Full Size
And is Available in most of The PUP's Stores.
This is a beautiful  Easter Kit to play with.
And you should check out the kit Easter Play One as well.
You will it as well.
Happy Scrapping from The PUP